Why companies should consider web standards?

Companies that consider web standards for their valuable web site, are not much in number. Many of them think that it’s just an extra step, or a new fashion that some new business mongering young people are trying to convince. And to them, that what really matters is making a Web Site that just works.

By modern and standard-compliant it means separating web pages’ structure, layout and behavior. It also includes writing valid, standard HTML or CSS code, writing standard cross-browser and unobtrusive JavaScript code and applying good coding practices, which make documents accessible, cleaner and flexible. If these things feel too much technical to understand then simply try to understand the simplicity of a web page. If the web page does not support all the browsers, if it takes too much time to load or it is too complex to handle then that will fail to achieve the web standard. So if you are assigning a developer or someone to build a web site for you then you must give him the extra job to make sure that your web page meets the web standard requirements.

Separating web pages’ structure, layout and behavior allows for more than one person to work on a single page. Whoever handles the HTML part would only need basic knowledge of HTML. The layout part would be handled by an experienced web designer, and the behavior part would be handled by a JavaScript coder (for example). Each person would be able to update his code without interfering other. This won’t only increase the quality of the work produced, but it will also save a lot of time. So before deciding to appoint anyone to build a web site you must take his team into account.

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