Wix is a very robust graphic rich free website building service. Their heavy use of Flash dechnology is a double edged sword – stunning, but can take some time to load.

Wix have been going from strengh to strengh with millions of websites build by them and some very sophisticated professional features for it’s paid services.

The most prominent component of Wix’s offer is it’s stunning graphics. The entire service is based on Flash technology which provides a very rich user experience. However, the cart blanch of creativity can be overwhelming and may be an overkill for simpler websites. Also, if you visitors have slower Internet connections they may have some difficulty browsing the site. It’s absolutely perfect for people wanting to provide a high design feel.

Author: Nico Black

Nico is a online marketer who has been living the Internet since 1999. Nico writes articles about how everyone - businesses, organisations, professionals, families and students can use websites.

16 thoughts on “Wix”

  1. Wix is a very friendly and versatile website for any user who would like to share his portfolio or any practical need, and to add to it a personal theme.

  2. Wix has a vast array of templates including e-commerce templates.
    It is very easy to use, anyone who has used a simple DTP program or MS Powerpoint will find this a breeze, there are good tutorials, videos and help forum if you get stuck.
    Wix is let down badly by their support department, very slow at getting back to you and their scripted answers are often wrong, there is no telephone support even for their premium customers.
    The would get full marks but for this problem.
    Hopefully you wont need their support

  3. Wix is by far the best web based internet site builder I have experienced. They have an enormous amount of web template to work with. Their interface allow you to really take over the templates and make them your own and most importantly the user interface is incredibly easy to figure our.

    It seems that the people at Wix have really figured out what people want and how to give it to them. For starters their is no free weekly trial before charges start. You can create and test their entire system for free and charges only start when you want to upgrade to personalized domain names and hosting (which is fair). Then on the user interface they have really steps up with personalized options. The controllers are easy to figure out and besides for a few minor kinks and limitations you can pretty much design the site to fit your vision.

    Wix seems for now to be the leading solution for home users and small business owners who simply want to build a good site but not have it look like is was done by an amateur. Their sites look sharp and utilize a good deal of flash graphics which really make these templates jump crisp. The site builder ofers great templates, great design tools and great user interface. What else can be said about Wix except that they are Great.

  4. I use weebly simply because of the lack of SEO regarding Wix. I was just about to go with them but noticed the wonderful SEO features weebly has.

  5. i think wix .com is a very good website.i have a site on nearly every website there weebly, webs, wix ,yola .and wix is the one hasn’t disappointed me so much as a free user.
    webs not let you make more then 10 pages
    weebly not let you upload more then 5mb file ,seriously ppl 5 mb

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