Wix Promotes User Education through Tutorials

In a major upset last week, Wix lost the top position in the comparison chart for free website makers online. As a result of positive user reviews, Webstarts toppled the chart, taking the top position. Thus, in an effort to reclaim the top slot, Wix has strengthened its customer support initiatives.

Wix Tutorials for Website Enhancement

On the official blog, Wix is promoting user education through tutorials targeted at its website enhancement process. The tutorials are in the form of textual content, which explains methods to enhance website appeal in different ways. The tutorials are supplemented with images to afford better understanding of the steps involved in the process.

So far, the Wix blog has two posts in this category. Taking the usability of Wix easy web editor to the next level, the first post guides users to create customized logos for their websites. The second blog post is an Adobe Photoshop tutorial on how to create textured backgrounds. With such tutorials, Wix is educating its users to go beyond the design templates and customize the website according to their personal preferences. It will also reduce the cumbersome task of creating new templates every month.
Promoting user education is the latest strategy adopted by Wix to regain the top position in the comparison chart. While most users prefer this easy web editor for its exciting features and flexibility, loading time still remains a grey area. If the company can convert this weakness into strength, Wix will become one of the best free website maker online.

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