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Continuing with out analysis of the best free website makers available online, today we take a look at Wix and Jimdo. The two platforms have distinct approaches towards web publishing, which is very evident from the range of features they offer to users. Thus, it makes an interesting case study to compare the free website packages of Wix and Jimdo

Wix Believes in Style and Appearance

Visit the Wix website and you will be welcomed by beautiful graphics and advanced multimedia elements. That is the USP of the Wix easy web editor. It aims to make the internet a beautiful place for millions of users. To this end, Wix creates Flash-based websites that sport exciting design templates and multimedia features. This free website maker platform offers an extensive range of slideshow templates and photo albums. You can use high resolution images to optimize Wix templates. However, it scores low in terms of search engine optimization, since Flash-based websites are easily ignored by crawlers.

Jimdo Simplifies Web Publishing

Jimdo is a simplified website maker that offers all the features required for a high quality Web 2.0 website. Customizable headers and a comprehensive range of stock images differentiate Jimdo from other free website makers. Jimdo also offers a community website service that allows multiple users to create individual webpages on a single website. This service is ideal for group businesses, such as music bands.

In a nutshell, Jimdo is a good option for ecommerce websites, although it lags behind Wix when it comes to online portfolios and personal websites.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

Mayank is a Mass Communications graduate who has been using his training and experience to increase the mass appeal of websites. He is also a regular contributor of reviews and articles in the field of website design and search engine optimisation.

4 thoughts on “Wix vs Jimdo”

  1. Wix claims it’s flash is search engine friendly. I am thinking of redoing my current website using wix but am concerned i may lose my extremely high ranking. What data is available regarding if and how Wix has found a way to actually opimize flash.

    1. Excellent question, in general flash works if there is an XML output that the search engines can draw from. For SEO purposes flash is best avoided, there is a reason HTML is the standard across the web.

    2. I agree with Nicholas Black, you need something that is HTML compatible so it can be viewed over all platforms. Like, you can’t view your site on an iphone or a ipad with wix. So in my opinion, skip wix for that. Jimdo is good but it’s very limiting. The review above touched on that when it mentioned it lost out when it came to building personal websites. Im using cubender now. Does anyone have any advice for me on that?

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