Wix web publishing platform: designer’s delight

Old fashioned designers may disagree but Flash-based website is not a fancy thing anymore. And as a matter of fact it’s not very easy to handle the program if you don’t have the skill. It requires a combination of time, strong creative skills and a deep knowledge of code to develop professional looking Flash-based web sites and content. If you know a little about flash, you may be aware of the fact that making it attractive is not the whole thing; keeping it simple and optimized for web is the main challenge. If you use heavy graphics and effects that will cause problems for your server. Again trying to optimize can cause reduced quality. So what’s the balance? Wix stands there in the middle.

Wix is a totally flexible Flash design platform that does not require knowledge of code. That should be a relief for creative but code-afraid people. What makes Wix unique and truly easy to use is its Drag & Drop editor that allows designers to easily create and customize their web sites – and see the results in real time online. Since there is no need to know code, designers can create professional-looking, Flash-based web sites in the matter of hours. In addition, it’s incredibly easy to use and allows designers to increase the volume of their work. The platform takes much less time and for professionals it’s ideal to go for more projects in a short period of time.

Critics argue that search engine optimization has traditionally been a challenge for Flash-based web sites. But Wix is the first Flash website platform that allows search engines to easily crawl through, facilitating the same SEO that can be achieved with HTML sites.

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Author: Ahmed Habib

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