Yola vs. Weebly

With a number of free website makers available online, it has become difficult for consumers to choose the one that will be most convenient for them. Although all the free website makers may appear similar, each of them have been designed and developed to cater to a niche section of the market. Thus, the free website maker comparison chart and reviews will help you to understand the platform that suits to your requirements best.

In this comparison review, you will read about the features and specifications of Yola and Weebly free website makers.

How to Choose Between Weebly and Yola

At a high-level, both the free website makers have similar approach toward website building and publishing. A user is required to register for a free account. After successful registration, he can choose a website template from the gallery and use the free web editor to start publishing the website. Unlike many other platforms, both Yola and Weebly allow multiple pages in a free website. Some of the useful features of these two website makers are the drag-and-drop editor, support for pictures and videos, traffic statistics and search engine optimization.

Yola takes a step ahead of Weebly by offering multiple website hosting under a single account. Its template gallery is much more substantial and it offers PayPal integration. Additionally, Yola allows a higher degree of search engine optimization for every page with its unique Meta data.

Despite these, it is Weebly which holds a better position in the free website maker comparison chart as it make upgrades more frequently and has a larger customer base.

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Author: Mayank Saxena

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