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Free website hosting plans let you get free web space on their hosting server to create and host your web site free. Advantages and disadvantages of free web page hosting can be argued over but one advantage you can sure get from it that it costs nothing. You don’t have to pay a single cent for it. Manage a plan, build your site and upload it on the web.

If you like to have a site to serve of your personal purpose then it is better not to waste money on buying domain names and hosting plans, even that cost less than five bucks a month. These free plans can give access to professional looking control panel where you can have all the advantages possible.

If you are familiar with web building software and tools then it is possible to build database, write codes or install various applications that are seen in a professional web site. But if you don’t feel friendly with dealing software or codes these free hosting plan providers also have free template to offer you. You can choose the template and start developing your content.

Disadvantages those are associated with free web hosting are- not having a domain name as desired, forced to project advertisements that you don’t intend to focus, limited web hosting features etc. But there are services that do not bother you with forced ads and applications. Just with a mere compromise with the domain name you can have a beautiful personal website for free. Here is a link that should help you to find more on free web hosting plans.

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